Friday, November 17, 2006

Iranian Activist Seeks U.S. Support

A leading Iranian student activist is calling for the Bush administration to directly fund opposition groups seeking to topple the theocratic regime in Tehran.

Manucher Mohammadi escaped from Iran last month after his brother and fellow democratic activist, Akbar Mohammadi, died in Tehran’s Evin prison. Manucher Mohammadi says his brother was severely tortured during seven years in prison and ultimately died from his injuries.

Mohammadi arrived in the U.S. earlier this month and has taken a fellowship at Washington’s National Endowment for Democracy. He says he’s using his time in Washington to meet senior Congressional and administration officials, such as Elliot Abrams, the National Security Council’s point man on the Middle East.

“I’d like the U.S. government to lend spiritual support to the Iranian opposition…and to support it financially,” Mohammadi said at a news conference held at Freedom House today. “We need to develop a plan of action and put it to work.”

The U.S. Congress has allocated $75 million this year to promote democracy in Iran, much of which will go to radio stations beaming programming into Iran. It’s unclear if Mohammadi’s organization, which he’s calling the Anti-Dictatorial Front, could be eligible for U.S. government funding, which is distributed through the State Department.

The Mohammadi brothers achieved prominence in 1999 for helping to lead major student protests against the Iranian regime. They men were subsequently sentenced to 15 years in prison.


I think we're beyond the point of pleading the help of foreign superpowers who's primary agenda is NEVER that of our own. This is our battle and it is apparent that the only people who truly care about democracy in Iran are Iranians themselves. There CANNOT be any other reason to support freedom and referendum other than simply wanting to see Iran free. Have we still not learned our lesson? America and Britain's historical presence in Iran, has done nothing but crush the democracy we once had, and pour salt on the wound left thereafter by CREATING the Islamic Republic! Enough is enough. Why are we still pulling at the pantlegs of countries who's deeds and actions are not even worthy of being classified as destructive, but in reality, saboteur?

We are in this mess because of foreign powers. Thanks to the CIA and MI6 in the 50's...our first chance at democracy was crushed when propaganda and false flag operations were launched against democratic and secular Mossedegh (falsely idenifying him as an anti-muslim, communist), to protect what of course, oil interests. Then again, when our next ruler, Shah Pahlavi, proved too progressive for American liking, once again they shot out the legs from beneath us and plundered us into the Islamic Dark Ages with their new found toy, Islam. And now AGAIN, they say they support regime change in Iran. We have gone through three different governments (Democratic Republic, Monarchy, and Islamic Rule) and still, they are not satisfied. And in each one they have played a pivotal role. Does all this foreign meddling not make you sick?

Iran is ours, and no one else's. Iran is our fight, not the West's. If they truly want to aid the cause of democracy in Iran, they can do so by preventing known terrorists like Khatami from getting a visa and safe passage into the United States to preach at Marriots about how he supports the west and disapproves of Islamic terrorism. The man who himself was responsible for the 1999 attacks of pro-democracy student activists in Iran! They can help us by not giving the IRI chances to succeed and get stronger by leaving buffers like Sadaam Hussein alone. They can help us, by making our plight known to the world and protecting Iranian interests and heritage here and in Europe.

The sooner we realize that this is our fight, and that this is our country, the sooner we can redirect our energies and resources toward a cause that we bled and cried for. Don't let the West have a hand in our revolution, they only want to the see their interests protected. They could care less about ensuring that the sun continues to set on the remains of great Perspolis or that our women can walk freely in public, displaying their world-renowned Persian beauty to the entire world. If their hearts are not with us, we don't want their support. Because even if they help us, and we do win our democracy, don't think that there part is over, they are going to stick around and protect their investment; exactly like how they did 27 years ago.

Be wise. This is a landmark moment in Iranian history. These are some of the darkest years we have been through as a nation, and though we have survived and maintained our heritage throughout the conquests of Alexander, Ghengis Khan, and even Islam, if we do not continue to throw wood on this fire, the flame of revolution will wither and die. We are known for our resilience to opposition, and it's time to live up to that title once again.

The only crime is apathy. A crime which keeps the good scared and the evil rich. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

God Bless Iran!


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Blogger Winston said...

US must help us get rid of this monsterous regime

10:45 PM  
Blogger Arian said...

U.S. must help indirectly, meaning that they must physically stay out of Iran, but instead prevent known terrorists like Khatami from getting visas into America to spread their word of deceit and trickery to the West. America needs to be the VOICE of support, by making it harder for the Islamic Republic to get what it wants and not doing back-door deals with them for political or financial motivation. The last thing we need right now is another Russia, however, America must stay out of direct Iranian affairs.

The best way for America to help Iranians without directly "interferring" with Iranian politics is to squeeze the IRI and make it harder for them to continue their terroristic and inhumane abuses within Iran and out, as well as recognizing any attack on Iranian soil will be a severe and irreversible blow to the Iranian Democracy movement as well as any withstanding pro-American sentiment within Iran.

11:30 PM  

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