Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Discontented Iranians Have Found a Place to Call Home

"As evidence that the Iranian community is "growing by the day," as Hashempour puts it, the number of Iranian students in UAE universities has soared to 11,500, from just 2,400 three years ago. Iranians are said to own more than a third of all luxury apartments on the outskirts of Dubai, the UAE's commercial hub. The Iranian Business Council, formed less than 15 years ago, has more than 400 members."

Well it should be no suprise that Iran's "brain drain" is only continuing to rise. Now it's not just the western countries that benefit intellectually and financially from our youth, but it seems fate is not without a sense of irony because the Arabs are now too. With more and more of our great patriots and nationalists dead or dying (who have either been slain in the early years of the revolution, or are dying now from old age and grief), we look wiery-eyed to our youth, pulled in two directions between the revolution their parents handed down to them, and the future which they strife to create for themselves.

However, many are finding themselves deadlocked, leading an existence that could barely qualify as a life, with no promise and and no reprisal. And so it seems that it is not just Iran itself that is at constant threat of disintegration, but rather our own brethern. With more and more of our brothers and sisters shipping off to Europe, America, and now Dubai, to surely incorporate themselves into new lives and escape the turmoil of their homeland, it seems as if its not just parts of our mainland that are being stripped away and lost to foreign nations, but rather our own blood, our own people.

And specifically regarding Dubai, it should not be forgotten that Dubai is also where all the Iranian money that's not stored away in a Swiss bank, has been reappropriated to in order create luxurious and lavish retirement homes and retreats for Mullahs in case things get too hot. However, Iranian money isn't the only thing the Mullahs have exported there either, perhaps even more lucrative would be the underage prostitutes and sex slaves. While half the country is either doped out on heroin and morphine, selling themselves into prostitution, starving in poverty, or all three, dirty Arab Taazi filth is defiling and using our innocent children and women for their own sick and sexual pleasure. Illegal prostitution, kidnapping, and human trafficking are one of the biggest exports and investments of this regime and the vast majority of the WORLD has no clue.

"Nothing is more threadbare than the claim of Islamists to defend Muslim womanhood. Islamist radicals (like the penny-a-marriage mullahs of Iran) are the world's most prolific pimps. The same networks that move female flesh across borders also provide illegal passage for jihadis, and the proceeds of human trafficking often support Islamist terrorists. From Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur to Sarajevo to Tirana, the criminals who trade in women overlap with jihadist networks. Prostitutes serve the terror network in a number of capacities, including suicide bombing. The going rate for a Muslim woman who can pass for a European to carry a suicide bomb currently is more than US$100,000. The Persian prostitute is the camp follower of the jihadi, joined to him in a pact of national suicide." - Spengler, (Jihadis and Whores)

Our country is literally being raped in every sense possible. This just disgusts me so infuriatingly that I am at a loss for words. There is just so much wrong, so much, with everything. I don't even know what to do sometimes, and it's such a terrible feeling to feel so helpless. I hope we have the strength to overcome such vileness and barbarianism soon. I pray for the innocent victims who have suffered so much to have the courage and will to stay strong and have hope. In times like these, we must look back at our roots, go back to our ancestors, and derive strength, to overcome the evil that has unleashed itself amongst our country and our people.

Payandeh Bad Iran
Zende Bad Azad

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Blogger Winston said...

Been to Dubai 5 times and it's shameful how these arabs have advanced while Iranian people are starving to death thanks to mismanagement of crazy mullahs

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