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e-Islamic Republic; Mullahs online

It's not a week that goes by that I don't encounter some kind of ridiculous Iranian blogger that just seems to be way off his chair. Initially, my reaction is always, "How did this ignorant low-class tool manage to work a computer, let alone make it to a blog?" I just shrug. Inevitably, I begin to realize that this "tool", though voicing such abominations of the truth, seems to be pretty articulate and have his story down and his agenda up. Whatever he's saying, regardless of how ridiculous it is (and he probably knows it is too), he's got his own backward and illogical facts to back it up and his own unrelenting determination to stick by his argument and make SURE everyone else learns to as well. Sometimes, he's even researched ACTUAL facts just to be able to speak with an aura of credibility and deny them all later. Suddently this guy doesnt seem so ignorant and low-class.

This guy, surely enough, is not any fool, but rather a paid worker of the Islamic Republic. He is an internet blogger, trained to spread the propaganda of this government, and the most recent addition to the black hand Khomeini so joyfully touched Iranians with 27 years ago. Through his denial of pre-Islamic Iranian history, misrepresentation of true Iranian desires and goals, and false generalizations of Iranian allegiances and culture, he is planting the seed for suspicion and misinformation in order to create an atmosphere of confusion and tension, accomplishing two things: (1) Drawing attention away from real matters of concern and relevant Iranian affairs/politics and (2) Disillusioning not-so-clever Iranians and non-Iranians about the "true" nature of Iran, Iranian people, and Iranian history by adding in an extra perspective (though not really a perspective at all but really a tool of deception).

The goal of these "Iranians", regardless of what they claim to feel about "their" country (usually they claim they are very proud of their heritage and love Iran and sometimes go as far as saying they support Iranian democracy) is really to CRUSH Iranian opposition to the Regime (opposition including monarchist, democratic, marxist, or alternate-Islamic dissidents). However, when they say they are very proud of their heritage, love Iran, and want democracy, they are not lying at all. They love their heritage, POST-Islam. They love Iran, when they're the 5% of the country not starving becuase of the check the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC sends them each month. And they do want democracy, as long as they get to choose between candidates pre-approved by the Supreme Leader, that will ensure their financial relief as long as they keep selling their country.

So I guess all there is to do is redflag these individuals early on so that the less aware/informed blogger community realizes that the majority of intellectual and genuine bloggers denounces these crackpots. Their main goal is to confuse us, and confuse the rest of the world, so the sooner we shut these guys down, the less chance there is for their propaganda to infect the rest of the commmunity. We are battling this regime everywhere we turn, and now it seems as if the fight has poured into our own homes.

On another note, the most recent e-Basiji I have encountered is someone named "Yasin", who is set to mention that the Sassanian period of Iran NEVER EXISTED. Haha, do you believe that? Straight up, NEVER existed. As if the engravings of Emperor Valentine of Rome bowing before Sassanian King Shapur II The Great at Pasargard are really the works of the same aliens who must've built the pyramids! He also goes as far too say that "Arabs never attacked Iran, ever...the attack of Arab forces against Rostam and the Sassanian army is completely false and never happened...Arabs are not our enemies, never were". Yes, you could imagine my reaction as well. He also claims to have read the WHOLE Shahnameh as well as other historical references, just to be more convinced that they are just myths and deceits and that epic and world aknowledged battles between Iranians and Arabs like the Battle of Qadesiyeh, the battle that killed Rostam and sealed the fate of Iran, never happened! You can read this fools comments here (scroll down toward the end) and feel free to jump in and discredit them yourself, I merely pointed this one out becuase he is the most recent pawn of the regime and consquently, the most recent thorn in my side.

Marg bar een kargarhayeh Taaz, khak bar sareshoon.

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Blogger Aryamehr said...

Thanks for updating us on these revisionists to our history and culture.

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anon said...


Check your mail plz.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...


I like the post (and the blog). Keep up the good work

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anon said...


Take a look at this blog, she writes from Tehran. So, she is limited in her expression of thoughts.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Arian said...


Land of Persia's blog doesn't seem to work anymore (blog not found error). Do you think the regime got to her blog?

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Sm said...

It was working last nite. I'm not sure what happened there. Her last post was titled "upcoming elections", I think dated Dec 2. Had a paragraph or two about the elections in Iran and another part about Ahmadinejad's recent letter. Roxie posted excerpts of her reply to Ahmadinejad as well as a link in the comment section. Later, the blog was deleted. Not sure if she did it herself cuz of thinking it was too controversial or that they got to it first.

If you do a search on google you can get a cached copy of her blog, but it only covers her posts til Nov 27. She had one other after that, Dec. 2, I think.

4:49 AM  
Blogger Winston said...


12:39 PM  
Anonymous SERENDIP said...

Great blog Arian. These agents have no shame. They must be exposed vigorously.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Matthew said...

Hi Arian,

Thought you might want to see this. It's the blog of Michael Ledeen, from AEI. I know that you have reservations about US interference in Iran but this is more a raising awareness blog, at least so far.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous serendip said...

Arian: Did you get to read my response at Aryamehr's blog?

I didn't write that piece of crap. I just posted it to find it who the author was. Apparently, she is part of CASMII group and potentially on vevak's payroll. There are so many of them. I keep finding a new one everyday...grrrr

11:17 PM  
Blogger Arian said...


Yes, sorry about the confusion, I was skimming through it quickly as I was walking out the door and didn't notice you were excerpting it. I was thinking that it seemed like a very ridiculous and unbecoming direction for you to take as well so I was a bit puzzled. Thanx for clearing that up.

I just realized if I knew who had really written that letter, I'm pretty sure my response would not have been so courteous, haha.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

you're doing a great job man. My name is Arash Sahami and I'm a British filmmaker based in London. I recently produced a film titled: "execution of a teenage Girl", which you might have seen.

keep up the good work. I wonder how many Iranian youth-like yourself- we have in exile that give a shit about what's happening to Iran and the wider world as the direct result of Islam and Islamo-fascism...but I hope there are plenty....



12:54 PM  
Blogger Arian said...

Dorood Arash,

Thanks for the support, and you're right, we are losing a growing number of Iranians in exile to apathy and Westernization everyday. The future of Iran, within and outside of Iran is at great risk. I posted an article about "The Generation of Iranians Overseas" that you probably already read.

And yes, I saw the BBC special of Atefah Sahaaleh when I was in Manchester, UK last August. It was very compelling, great documentary, but it made me truly sorrowful. If this is the one you produced then much kudos to you, great job! We need filmakers like you in the mainstream media to keep the world up-to-date with the plights and human rights abuses of Iranians everyday within Iran. Dorood bar Shoma.

You probably already know, but there is an indepedent film being made about Koroush called, "In Search of Cyrus the Great". It outlines Western negligence of great Persian heroes like Cyrus and the exhaltation of leaders like Alexander and Ceasar instead. In am attempt to correct historical negligence, and shed light on the humanity and sophistication of Persian culture, this independent film is being made about Cyrus the Great's life.


2:31 PM  

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