Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dorood Bar Shoma; Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to the United Iranian Front for Democracy in Iran. The main reason I have created this blog is in order to discuss the current events relating to and affecting Iran, tackle and try to bridge the division between the Iranian community worldwide, and most importantly to provide a basis for a fundamental solution to the greatest plight our glorious nation of Iran has faced over the course of the last 27 years, freedom.

My hope is that by confronting the issues at hand and discussing possible solutions to the wide range of problems the Iranian community faces (i.e. the disunion and division about how Iran should be handled, the great number of Iranian-Americans who do not uphold their duty to support their Iranian brethern overseas, the deception, suppression and confliction between Islam and Persian culture, our lack of presence in the American political system, our differences in political agenda, ect.) we can in time, arrive at a general agreement and unite as a people. Only then, do Iranians have any hope of winning Iran back from the medieval barbarians that have held it hostage for the last 27 years. We must unite.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and Persians are certaintly well-known for their stubborness in such matters, however, with a little understanding and open-mindedness I think much good can come. If we unite under a general principle, the democracy and freedom of Iran, I think it can be possible for us all to compromise our egos to some degree for the greater good. There really is no other way. So as the general activity of this blog is discussion and politics, my real intention is that we Persians can work together toward that common goal, and propose solutions to the crisis in the Iran. With hope, these solutions prove noteworthy and we will have the strength to execute them.

Payandeh Bad Iran
Zende Bad Azad

Your brother-in-arms,


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