Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sadaam to Hang; Butcher of Bagdad Sent to Gallows

"Iraq's highest appeals court on Tuesday upheld Saddam Hussein's death sentence and said he must be hanged within 30 days for the killing of 148 Shiites in the central city of Dujail. The sentence "must be implemented within 30 days," chief judge Aref Shahin said. "From tomorrow, any day could be the day of implementation." On Nov. 5, an Iraqi court sentenced Saddam to the gallows for ordering the 1982 killings following an attempt on his life."

Coined by the west as the "Butcher of Baghdad" and recognized universally as the "Vampire of the Middle East," Sadaam was no doubt an evil and malevolent dictator set on regional domination through brute force and mercilessness. No one could tell you about the evilness and monstrosity of Sadaam Husseins better than the Iranians. Sadaam Hussein is one of the MOST significant reasons why the Islamic Republic is still in power and one of the most significant contributors to its solidification and establishment in the early years of the revolution. Had Iraq not attacked Iran after the revolution (though it attacked Iran specifically because of the revolution), the Iranian people would have sooner seen the treachery and fraudulence of the Regime, and because of it's raw and still-developing nature, would have had the power to do away with the Mullahs right there and then.

However, Sadaam Hussein's attack on Iran, forced Iranians to rally together (despite animosity and division toward the regime), to repel foreign invaders from their homeland. After many agonizing and bloody years, Iranians did prove successful in this feat, but the damage had already been done. The Islamic Republic had managed to plant its roots firmly in the soil of Iran, just as Muhammad's Army of God had done only 1400 years earlier.

And not only did Sadaam Hussein stabilize and establish the Islamic Republic, but it also led to the creation of the Basij, the Iranian-Islamic Para-military force of martyrs used similiarly to the Gestapo in ensuring that the word of Khomeninized Quran rule victorious throughout the land. A force that equipped the innocent and promising Iranian children of 10 years and younger with a Quran in one hand and a golden key (that would directly take them to heaven) in the other and sent them running through minefields to clear way for soldiers and tanks. So Sadaam Hussein's attack was not just a casualty tally for Iranians but rather an implentation and inaugeration of a regime that would for the next 27 years, continue to terrorize, opress, torture, and murder all those who defied its will, and it's mission.

So would it not be natural for an Iranian like myself to be pleased, even over-joyed and ecstatic with such a verdict, that such an evil and vile man, responsible for the current grim reality of my country, be executed and pay for the crimes he has commmitted against my people and the people of the Middle East?

The answer is NO. No it is not natural, because if we claim to be against tyranny and unconstitutionality and claim to be men and women of justice, and followers of the ancient rite of Ahura Mazda, to conduct ourselves in accordance with the principles of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, then it must then be apparent, and equally obvious, that though this man is evil and criminal, he deserves to be brought to justice through justice. What George Bush and his Administration of patsys and warmongers have done, is ensure that the law of the land will NOT prevail but rather the law of Bush. This administration has used a MEANS to justify an END, and never should such a strategy be confused with JUSTICE.

Sadaam deserves to hang, I agree, but not THIS way. By ignoring and disregarding procedure, (illegally invading a foreign country), using lies and manipulation to sway public support (claiming Sadaam had weapons of mass destruction and a threat to U.S. security), and using criminal and irresponsible abuse of power to achieve personal and financial satisfaction (defying and opposing the U.S. constitution by suspending habeas corpus and promoting legal torture and indefinite imprisonment without trial) this President and this Administration have singlehandedly used the same tactics dictators and occupational regimes (including the Islamic Republic of Iran) have used for centuries to illegally and immorally achieve political gain by superceding the law and the public consent. I can't stress this enough, the means CANNOT justify the end. You cannot disregard every national and international law, the will of the people of both nations, and basic rights of humanity (first laid down 2,500 years ago by Cyrus the Great) and then say, "Hey, we got the bastard!" I'm sorry, as a man of principle and justice, I would be a liar, a fraud, and a hypocrit if I supported one iota of this verdict. This is not true justice, this is not true freedom. This is legal terrorism, this is treachery.

Becuase of the United States, Iran's most prominent buffer, Sadaam Hussein and his regime, are now non-existent, and Iraq has become literally become a devil's playground for the IRI to manipulate, influence, and control the Middle East and Western influences in region even more greatly than it could have ever imagined 5 years ago. Bush and his admininstration have set up the perfect recipe for disaster in the region; Iraq no longer exists, Anti-American sentiment is as high as ever, regional civil war will ensue for the next 100 years, and the Islamic Republic has become the most powerful Middle Eastern power next to Israel. The incompetantcy of this regime is not only shameful, but criminal. I saw an interesting bumber sticker a while ago that read, "At least when Clinton lied, nobody died." Couldn't be more true. What we really need to see is a scenario where the real saboteurs of our great political system our held accountable, not the little fish who decided to do the naughty naughty in the oval office.

It is for the reasons above that I personally am COMPLETELY against this illegal and sham verdict disguised in the name of justice, and masked in the persuit of freedom. I urge all of you to oppose this verdict on the basis of true justice and integrity. No one hates Sadaam more than us Iranians, so obviously it's hard not to say just let the bastard hang, but remember, it was the same treachery and deciet that led Eisenhower to convince the United States that Mossadegh was a communist and use the same tactics of manipulation to infiltrate Iran and remove the man from power. In this case, Sadaam was a bad guy, but he could have equally and just as easily been a good man like Mossadegh. This is what I called "blind justice," a tactic in which a superpower like that of the U.S. acts in their own best interest (being good or evil; preference not significant) under the false notion of positive and nessessary ideals like security, peace, freedom, and democracy to accomplish the goals nessessary to THEM.

When a terrorist kills a terrorist, has justice really been served?

Deny this execution. Protest this verdict. Support true democracy and true justice.

Payande bad azadi vagheyi!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Winter Marks New Protests; The Embers of Dissidence Continue to Burn

Iranian Students Disrupt Ahmadinejad Speech and Shout "Death to the Dictator!" (12/11/06)

Ahmadinejad Gets Lesson On Free Speech at Iranian University (12/12/06)

Students Cry Out for Freedom in Large Demonstration at Tehran University (12/7/06)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006:
Dozens of Iranian students burnt pictures of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and chanted "death to the dictator" as he gave a speech at a university in Tehran. Never has the hardline leader faced such open hostility at a public event, which came as Iran opened a conference questioning whether Nazi Germany murdered six million Jews. One student activist said the protest was against the "shameful" Holocaust conference and the "fact that many activists have not been allowed to attend university". The conference had "brought to our country Nazis and racists from around the world", he said.

Monday, December 11, 2006:
Iranian students disrupted a speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a prestigious Tehran university, setting fire to his picture and shouting "death to the dictator," media reports said. Ahmadinejad was giving a speech to students at the Amir Kabir University, the scene of a protest the day before by hundreds of students to denounce a crackdown on a reformist-led university association. "Some students chanted radical slogans and inflamed the atmosphere of the meeting," said the semi-official Fars news agency, which is close to Ahmadinejad. "A small number of students shouted 'death to the dictator' and smashed cameras of state television but they were confronted by a bigger group of students in the hall chanting: 'We support Ahmadinejad'," it said.

Thursday, December 07, 2006
"What do we want? Freedom!" That was one of the banners a large crowd waved on Wednesday at a demonstration at Tehran University. As many as 2,000 students turned out to demand personal freedom in the Islamic state, which has cracked down on political activity on campus this year in what some have called the Second Cultural Revolution. The theme of Wednesday's protest was Student Life is Alive. The police apparently made no effort to stop the demonstration, which ended peacefully. One banner, in Persian, read: "If I rise up and you rise up, everyone will rise up." Another read: "Our struggle is twofold: Fighting against internal oppression and external foreign threats." Photographs of Wednesday's demonstration were posted on Iranian websites and in the blogosphere.


Skimming over the events of the last few weeks we are reassured that our students, our brothers and sisters, are very much alive and alert, and have once again risked everything to pour into the streets, threatened by persecution and torture, to keep alive the fire of freedom. Every protest, every person, every hand in the air and every banner, is a constant reminder that Iranians will not stop nor surrender until the chains of oppression and injustice are broken, and the light of a free Iran breaks through the dark cloud of malevolence that has taken its place. The students want the Islamic Republic to know, us to know, and most importantly, the rest of the world know, that the fire of freedom will continue to burn, and no matter how big or small it gets, there will always be an Iranian there to throw wood on the flame of revolution, and ensure that it's embers glow bright and hot enough for the whole world to see and feel.

It is always a joyous and ecstatic moment to see the soul and blood of Iran fight for the liberation of our people, culture, and country. The Iranian youth has demonstrated time and time again their opposition to oppression and unrelenting struggle for freedom and justice, but for such triumph and sacrifice not to be in vain, moments like these should above all else inspire us to ask ourselves a fundamental question: My brethern back home are doing their part, am I doing mine?

It is this question that should drive us, that should always drive us, all of us. It is this question that seals the fate of Iran, whatever that may be. I ask myself this question everyday, and whether I find my answer acceptable or not, I still can appreciate the fact that it is this question that drives me. I believe every Iranian, of all nations and residences, within Iran and out, any real Iranian, would ask themself this question. The only thing left to do then, when we have a world full of Iranians asking themselves the same question, is to unite, and answer that question together.

And in time, Ahura Mazda willing, I believe we will.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

e-Islamic Republic; Mullahs online

It's not a week that goes by that I don't encounter some kind of ridiculous Iranian blogger that just seems to be way off his chair. Initially, my reaction is always, "How did this ignorant low-class tool manage to work a computer, let alone make it to a blog?" I just shrug. Inevitably, I begin to realize that this "tool", though voicing such abominations of the truth, seems to be pretty articulate and have his story down and his agenda up. Whatever he's saying, regardless of how ridiculous it is (and he probably knows it is too), he's got his own backward and illogical facts to back it up and his own unrelenting determination to stick by his argument and make SURE everyone else learns to as well. Sometimes, he's even researched ACTUAL facts just to be able to speak with an aura of credibility and deny them all later. Suddently this guy doesnt seem so ignorant and low-class.

This guy, surely enough, is not any fool, but rather a paid worker of the Islamic Republic. He is an internet blogger, trained to spread the propaganda of this government, and the most recent addition to the black hand Khomeini so joyfully touched Iranians with 27 years ago. Through his denial of pre-Islamic Iranian history, misrepresentation of true Iranian desires and goals, and false generalizations of Iranian allegiances and culture, he is planting the seed for suspicion and misinformation in order to create an atmosphere of confusion and tension, accomplishing two things: (1) Drawing attention away from real matters of concern and relevant Iranian affairs/politics and (2) Disillusioning not-so-clever Iranians and non-Iranians about the "true" nature of Iran, Iranian people, and Iranian history by adding in an extra perspective (though not really a perspective at all but really a tool of deception).

The goal of these "Iranians", regardless of what they claim to feel about "their" country (usually they claim they are very proud of their heritage and love Iran and sometimes go as far as saying they support Iranian democracy) is really to CRUSH Iranian opposition to the Regime (opposition including monarchist, democratic, marxist, or alternate-Islamic dissidents). However, when they say they are very proud of their heritage, love Iran, and want democracy, they are not lying at all. They love their heritage, POST-Islam. They love Iran, when they're the 5% of the country not starving becuase of the check the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC sends them each month. And they do want democracy, as long as they get to choose between candidates pre-approved by the Supreme Leader, that will ensure their financial relief as long as they keep selling their country.

So I guess all there is to do is redflag these individuals early on so that the less aware/informed blogger community realizes that the majority of intellectual and genuine bloggers denounces these crackpots. Their main goal is to confuse us, and confuse the rest of the world, so the sooner we shut these guys down, the less chance there is for their propaganda to infect the rest of the commmunity. We are battling this regime everywhere we turn, and now it seems as if the fight has poured into our own homes.

On another note, the most recent e-Basiji I have encountered is someone named "Yasin", who is set to mention that the Sassanian period of Iran NEVER EXISTED. Haha, do you believe that? Straight up, NEVER existed. As if the engravings of Emperor Valentine of Rome bowing before Sassanian King Shapur II The Great at Pasargard are really the works of the same aliens who must've built the pyramids! He also goes as far too say that "Arabs never attacked Iran, ever...the attack of Arab forces against Rostam and the Sassanian army is completely false and never happened...Arabs are not our enemies, never were". Yes, you could imagine my reaction as well. He also claims to have read the WHOLE Shahnameh as well as other historical references, just to be more convinced that they are just myths and deceits and that epic and world aknowledged battles between Iranians and Arabs like the Battle of Qadesiyeh, the battle that killed Rostam and sealed the fate of Iran, never happened! You can read this fools comments here (scroll down toward the end) and feel free to jump in and discredit them yourself, I merely pointed this one out becuase he is the most recent pawn of the regime and consquently, the most recent thorn in my side.

Marg bar een kargarhayeh Taaz, khak bar sareshoon.

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